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    Need help with both of my Polaris Jetskis. Please

    I was just given this 2002 Virage TXI 1200 Direct Injection model #W0251980 along with a 2001 Polaris Genesis 1200 which this one is fuel injected instead of the Virage which is Direct injection. I could not be any newer to these things. My cousin just got angry one day cause he got tired of putting money into them and I talked him into giving them to me and the brand new double trailer. They look great. He had just had the Virage motor rebuilt early this past summer. Everything worked at the shop but the minute we got it to the lake, they started having issues with this one sinking. So the Virage can not sit still without starting to sink. That is when I got this one. I checked the plugs and they were in so I have no idea what to do with that issue. The only other issue I noticed with this one is I strongle believe the starter is out. When you try to start it, it just gives a real quiet winding news. You can tell the starter is not making contact. Any ideas? Is this what you think it is as well and where could I get it from and is there just a certain part of it I need to get or what. Again, I am sooo sorry for all the question but this is the first water crafts I have ever owed.

    Now on the 2001 Polaris Genesis 1200 fuel injection model # W01599D. This one sounds like it wants to start but wont. I followed the power to the brain box but could not find any power coming back out of it. To make sure, I even pulled a spark plug to make sure there wasnt a spark and their wasnt. The brain box showed water damage inside of it and all the visible fuses were all fried. After driving for hours, I realized that I was not able to find the exact fuses but was given some that were similar. Got back home and after a few, it actually started. I did not run it long cause I was afraid I would burn it up so I quickly turned it off. After that I have never gotton it to start again. That is when I got an electric tester and followed the power down to see where it stopped and it was in the brain box. How should I go about fixing this one? You think I should start with the coil packs since I was told by the druck neighbor thats what he would do? lol. Im afraid to listen to him. Pppplllleeeaaasee Help me figure this out cause I for one dont have much money and for two, I could not find anyone to work on the damn things. I see why my cousin was upset with these but I can not let them go to waste. He even signed the title to the jetskis and brand new trailer to me. Any advice on what you think would be causing ANY of these issues would be very much appreciated!!!

    This is my first time being on this site so please let me know if this is the right spot for my questions. Thanks

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    Welcome! There are a bunch of really knowledgeable guys here that will definitely help you with your free skis! Can't believe you got them for free!

    Since i see your in MO and its winter, I'd sat take your time and go one ski at a time. The Virage seems like it's got a drive shaft seal issue and a starter problem. Hopefully its just the starter bendix and nothing with the flywheel. The Genesis could have an EMM issue which could be fixed by sending it out but there are a few tests you should run to make sure that is actually the problem.

    Since both your ski's are fuel injected, you are going to need good batteries. If the voltage isn't above 10.5 while cranking your ski's won't start.

    K447 has a link in his signature to some great knowledge databases.

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