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    To Lighten the new 2013 idler gear or not?

    I am looking for some input from people. Do you think it is a good idea to lighten the new 57 tooth idler gear used with the 2013 clutches? The reason I am asking is because I don't know if this will weaken the structural integrity of the gear since this gear is already a little lighter than the older style idlers were AFTER they had already been lightened by R&D, and they are quite a bit thinner as well. Any opinion on this?

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    IMO I would leave it alone. With the ET LB wheel, I would run it like it is.

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    From what I have read on here, people have been getting great results with the 2013 clutch. I dont see a reason to lighten it based on the positive results we are seeing. Just my opinion.

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    i would , and u can already buy them in a kit already done

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxadrenaline View Post
    IMO I would leave it alone. With the ET LB wheel, I would run it like it is.
    I would agree, if you were running a more aggressive wheel then it would benefit you. The gain of the clutch gear lightening and balancing is the balance portion. balancing the gear is preventive maintance, that is the gain.

    I had my gear lightened and balanced for my 13 FZ, but I am running the ET18 or E1 wheel. Hope this helps

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