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    New Yamaha owner with couple questions

    Been using this forum for tech info for awhile and decided its time to finally post! We bought our first jet ski last year a 1994 Seadoo GTX just to see if we wanted one and man....we wore that thing out this summer! literally! new motor, wear ring, etc....! So we decided to upgrade this year and just bought a 2011 VXS with 19 hours. I picked this one becasue i didnt want the supercharger issue with as many hours we put on one in a year.

    Obviously we are making a big jump here and I wont pretend to know a lot about skis, especially going to a 4 stroke (always been an outboard drag boat driver) What basic differences do I need to know or watch out for? This oil from last season has 6 hours on I need to change it this year just to be safe? It was winterized by the dealer this year so I am assuming it was done correctly and that I should be good to go. Any paticular maintenace that will need to be performed throughout the season?

    As far as driving and handling I can imagine it will be night and day? Actually a little nervous about it since my 4 year old always rides with me.

    I picked it up for $7400 with a trailer and it looks brand new and he threw in all his tubes and ski equipment....I don't think that was a bad price but i may be wrong??? Thanks for your help!

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    Good price. I would change the oil and filter just to be safe. There really isnt a whole lot of maintenance, every 50 hours chnage the oil and filter, and then each season change the plugs. Thats pretty much it! I would recommend getting your hands on a VXR service manual because it outlines all the maintenance and stuff like that.

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    Well I took it out today (39 degree air and water temp) but...WoW!!!! Long way from a 94 gtx!!!! Thing is ridiculously fast and smooth!!! Thanks for the info!

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    yep really is a huge step up.. and that must have been freezing, hope you had a wet suit on. Im sure this is pretty obvious but never forget to flush you engine. I ride almost daily in the summer so i make a point to do it usually every day. the idea is not to leave it sitting for a while with the salt water in the engine so make sure to run the engine for about 4 minutes.

    Enjoy your new ski and welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to the Hulk ! The VXS is fast & handles well so now your really have stepped up

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    That is a silly crazy price! I would buy one today if I could find one under 7500. Used, best I have seen is 8500 for a low hour2011. Some people want 10k.

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