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    Thumbs up Jim

    Hi guys I don't have many posts on this site so I cant put this thread in the Buyer/seller feedback section so i'll do it here.
    I recently bought a hood for my RXT-X off Jim on here and that that guy went above and beyond for me. He had to post it to Australia and the $$$$$$$ to do it was extreme. So he went out of his way to find the cheapest and best option for me. He called me from the US to Aust many times at his own expense and drove around on his own time getting shipping quotes. Cant say enough for this guy. Wish we had service like that in Aust. I most likely wont drum up to much business for him on the other side of the world so I hope this thread helps out.

    Thanks Jim or as us Aussies would say "Jim your a bloody little ripper good on ya mate"

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    I started a thread for Jim on the Buyer feedback stating how great he is... please post this there also... He is top-notch!!!


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