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    anyone bucked on a 05+ rxt ?

    has anyone bucked on a oem rxt hull 05-08 ? was looking to not add relief valves or monitor it but would like to here any input. setup will be tx shoe, riva tx plate and grate I am on the fence with. looking at worx as they have never let me down in the past and now Watson owns them its looking good... any advice here ?

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    As in the nose of the ski going skyward? If so yes. Every single hard launch does this to me. Partially because of the pump wedge and I don't know why besides that. I would never touch a riva plate though. Snapped mine and my friend snapped his. Complete garbage in my book. Stick with stock for more speed or aquavein/worx for hookup.

    I've found if I lean to the front of the ski and ease backwards as it shits n gets I can counter this. It's not the safest thing but it works.

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    I think he's talking about stuffing the pump

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