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    Question Another Maint Question

    Well, its been a while since I have been on the forum, but will say 2 seasons and no issues at all with 2011 300 (80 hours). Many thanks to GH as this was my first ski, lot of good tips froms everyone.

    With that said, I got a few more maint related questions..

    1) I have not replaced any hoses and wondering worth doing before 2013 season? never have blow out or issue as I have read?
    2) Gonna have the dealer inspects pump (pull it and torque impellor to spec)...worth replacing pump bearing or am I just wasting my money?
    3) Any info on the "Valve Clearance Check", gonna have that done as don't want to do this mid season (havr 5year warranty and want maint schedule to be in check)

    Thanks guy...always appreciate insight from the forum


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    130 hours on mine now.

    I have replaced one hose because the outside split somehow. Have a good look at them.

    I replaced my pump bearings at 92 hours but they were ok.

    Did my valve clearance then too, it was good (did compression and leakdown also, both good)

    Cheers, Mal.

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