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    sealing coolant tube on a sl700

    What it the proper way to seal the coolant tube to the hull in a Polaris sl700? The manual shows an O-ring at the nozzle end and an O-ring on the hull side of the pump housing.

    I have the bearing housing out to replace the bearings and the coolant tube came out with the assembly. How is the tube suppose to seal in it's hole through the pump housing?


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    I presume it is the jet pump nozzle assembly that you removed, and the coolant tube along with it.

    My understanding of the way the coolant tube assembly goes together is as follows.

    O-ring at rear end of coolant tube seals into metal jet pump nozzle housing. Depending on the jet pump 'wedge' angle, the coolant tube angle into the nozzle fitting can be significant.

    O-ring(s) at front end of coolant tube sit against the 'shoulder' of the coolant tube, and presses against the rear face of the jet pump base. These o-rings are not there to seal water out, but to provide a springy pressure rearwards so the rear end of the coolant tube stays well seated.

    Down inside the pass through hole in the pump base, there is a square shouldered rubber washer. This flat rubber washer is supposed to seal against the hull and the smooth shaft of the coolant tube. This does not actually seal very well, so the real seal is created by injecting sealant around the coolant tube. This can be done both inside the hull and around the coolant tube where it enters the pump base from the rear.

    The trick is to get the correct number of forward o-rings so that there is firm rearward pressure holding the coolant tube in place, but not so much force that the forward shoulder breaks off (if the coolant tube is plastic) or the forward o-rings are simply squished right out of position.

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    Thanks, that will get me on the right track.


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