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    2002 polaris 800di virage

    i need some help guys...2002 polaris 800di virage..helpI bought a 2002 polaris 800di virage..the guy said that the jet ski runs sometimes and sometimes struggles to start..once it is ridden for a while it works fine..but its hard to start. I took it to a non certified mechanic and he says everything looks good..that it might be computer..he said he cleaned fuel lines..checked injectors..and that motor has good I need some help..when I start it in my garage with waterhose..I have to play with throttle alot just to get it on and keep it doesn't stay on by me please..thank you for your time guys

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    Work through the Ficht diagnostics.

    Typical and most likely causes, in order;

    TPS gone bad, replace with new.

    EMM going bad, needs repair.

    After those, in no particular order;
    Wiring connection loose, corroded, broken
    Stator or flywheel magnets damaged
    Air or water temp sensor out of spec

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