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    Supercharger bearing change interval

    One thing I noted was the 100 hour rebuild on bearings for the SC. I have found this to be inaccurate as I've NEVER had SC bearings last 20 hours. I highly recommend no more than 15 hours on SC bearings. I measure end play and after 10 hours it can be 12-15 thousands. Most SC's have 15-20 thousands clearance which means your within .005 thou. of a touchdown. I have a box of damaged housings and impellers to prove my point and could have easily saved myself a grand in parts. The new clutches are amazing and hold slip very well and never need replacement for 40-50 hours. PPL should take advantage of your rebuild service alot more frequently IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jawz View Post
    I've NEVER had SC bearings last 20 hours..
    You have some serious issues then...... in more ways than one
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    When you sit at your computer and read posts, you never gain true insight into either the process or conditions people use while wrenching on their stuff. Occasionally, I will see a photo that makes me wince, photos of wrenching on an engine in a dirt-floor shop, not cleaning up bearing or case sealing surfaces, stuff like that, and I wonder how some of these things even run at all. We had a poster in another thread saying that he has been wrenching for 18 years, and can align an engine by "feel". Yeah, right.

    Superchargers, especially, need very clean and precise conditions and careful attention. If you don't have all of these, you end up with 20 hour life on the bearings. Just sayin', don't know the guy, but I bet we would be shocked to see either his shop or methods for rebuilding if he is only getting 20 hours out of the bearings.

    When I rebuild a charger, I set up my shop and bench like a clean room. I clean all my tools that touch the SC in the parts washer, then lay them out on a surface of clean paper towels. Bearings get rinsed out right out of package with a stream of fresh oil, and are set on clean microfiber towels. I wear latex gloves at all times, and if I touch anything that has not been through the parts washer, I put fresh gloves on. No shortcuts. Then again, I used to rebuild air spindles that run at 200K, and if you didn't follow these types of practices, you would only get 20 hours out of those, too.

    BTW, the bearings that we run in these SC's must have a bit of play to run at the speeds they do. The higher the RPM, the more play you need when new.
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    This is going to be good.

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    So instead of rebuilding it one time at 100 hours, you've rebuilt it atleast 5 by that time at a cost of about $500 each time?? Yeh, I think I'll take my chances.

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    i agree with both post #1 and #3, but i think 100hr rebuilds is about right, the clutches in the kit are just fine, it's the bearing you got to worry about, i like Sea Dood work pratices, thats right on the money cleaner the better but once their in the engine i am sure theres some crap floating around in there.

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    maybe if it a charger used for closed course on a race engine 15 hrs is logical. on a rec machine with a stock charger 100 hrs is fine. seadoo now says 200 hrs on the new rebuild kits although i think that is a bit optimistic.
    for chargers with big wheels and/or big rpm the triple bearing mod is the way to go. they last a long time with three bearings.

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    Have no problem getting 40 to 50 hours from performance chargers before maintenance even running 9500+ rpm. Stock chargers should be fine for 100 as long as its an 08 and up shaft kit. None of us have ever run a tripple bearing mod or had issues with touch down unless running stock bearings too long. Changing oil frequently is also key.

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    I have seen and will have a piece of mind at 10 to 15 hours in a big charger like the 145 and oil changes frecuently is a plus, I have been told how that if we ride hard on it then it's a key to change it every 5 to 10 hours ,

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