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    Question Feeler for Rebuilt 2004 GP1300R Engine & Parts

    I am contemplating a GPRXP conversion. However, in order to help offset the cost of the project, I would need to sell the parts I am not going to need.

    To start off, the major things I'd need to sell are:

    Bone stock complete running 2004 1300R PV engine - re-ringed & new gaskets less than 5 hours ago - runs perfect!
    (motor is still oil injected and has had zero issues)
    Wave Eater clips also included
    Complete stinger with Rive D-Plate
    ECU/Elec box /harness with good coils, new MSD 8.5mm wires, and chip (for D-plate)
    Fuel tank with pump
    Oil tank
    Nice condition working gauges with 175 hrs (I think)
    I am not sure if i need the 1300 waterbox or not yet.
    I have some other stock parts for sale in another thread also.

    I am really not sure how much all of these items would be worth either separately or as a package deal. But I'd be willing to entertain realistic offers. This ski has been VERY well maintained, and runs perfectly.

    Not sure as to when I will be starting the project, it all depends on how quickly I could sell all these parts and how much I can get for them, so i can help fund the Sea Doo component purchases. My other option would be run it this season, and then do the conversion at the end of the year. But I figured a fresh motor would be easier to sell

    Mods, I'm sorry if this is against any of your classifieds policies, please let me know if so.


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    Well my conversion in on hold for now. Mods can remove this thread if you want. Thanks.

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