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    96 xp odd electrical problem??

    Hey guys, my 1996 seadoo XP has an odd issue. When first connecting the battery, the first time I hit the start button, it cranks over normally, spins the crank with tons of power, and starts the motor no problem. I can ride it, and it runs fine. Every subsequent time that I hit the start button to try and start the motor, the starter will engage but not have enough juice to turn over the motor. I have to disconnect the battery for a few minutes, then reconnect it in order to restart the ski.

    Its a brand new battery fully charged- I've tried multiple batteries.
    It has a brand new ground cable going from the starter to the battery. I have even tried adding another engine ground- doesn't help.
    Battery wires and terminals are clean and getting good contact.
    I checked for corrosion on all connectors on the entire ski. They seem good.

    It would seem like something is happening (a "relay" or something closing) after the first attempt to start the motor- and it is resetting when I disconnect the battery.

    Has anyone had this issue or a similar issue??


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    have you tried jumping the starter relay? When I buy new relays, I get them 4 at a time-- they are very prone for failure-- expesially on your machine. The starters on 96 XPs are also a known weak like-- later models came with an 8 tooth bendix, where as yours (if original) has 9 teeth.

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    check your battery voltage before cranking over the motor and then watch the battery voltage as your cranking the motor cold... then after the engine warms up check your voltages again.. At no point do you want to see the voltage drop below 9.5 volts.. As your starter warms up - so does its resistance and that requires more voltage - this is a sign of a bad starter with a high draw..

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    Yes, I have replaced the relay with a new one and I have also jumped it. Same result, I'm leaning toward a bad starter.

    I'll do the voltage test and report back


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    Also check voltage at battery while engine is running. Make sure the system is charging.

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