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    STX 12F Runs Rough and died when hot

    I have an 05 STX12F that I bought used about 4 years ago. Ski has 41 hours on it, no problems up until now. Last trip to the lake in October, the ski seemed to be idling rough, however when I got on the throttle it ran great. Ran about 15 min and then when we slowed down it was idling really rough and would not throttle up, shut it off and it would not restart. Towed it back to the trailer, and went home. Got home, hit the start button and it started right up. Anyone ever have this problem?


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    Check everything in there and report back.


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    Dont forget to check the water temp sensor in the exhaust manifold. Mine malfunctioned and everytime I shut it off it wouldnt start back up unless I cooled it off with water.

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