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    Rice Jetskis JFK

    I think I know what RICE has been up to. Girlfriend said he was racing his buddies to see who had the fastest ski like idiots and they left him behind. He musta started leaning cuz he took on water and started sinking. Maybe loose hose or missing drain plugs? Climbed a fence in a yellow PFD and beat a $100 million airport security system designed to stop terrorists. Its gotta be the same guy.

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    haha , sucks that he lost his ski but at least he's got a good story to tell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Region8Ultra250X View Post
    LOL! Ive got to get out more onto the forums. However, its still an unsolved mystery. The Meeper theory fits some but not all the evidence. To me, the guy sounds like an engineer. Im ruling out Capn Reza because he was in CA. Guy musta been in good shape to swim to shore, scale 8ft fence in PFD, jog across airstrip and so forth. Also, guy said his ski was running pig rich before it sank.

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    Old story...couldn't have been was a 1997 Sea Doo and there's no washing machine chop in those waters...

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