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    96 GTI's Installing Electric Fuel Pump?

    Hi all

    I've got a pair of 96 GTI's and I'd like to replace the diaphragm fuel pumps with electric fuels pumps. Anyone done this? and what electric fuel pumps did you use? Thanks

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    I can't think of any good reason to do this. Put a kit in your carbs and let it roll.

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    I've put a kit in each carb, replaced the fuel lines, rebuilt the fuel shut off's, new filters and still have starvation issues if I run WOT for extended periods of time so I figure throw an electric fuel pump in and be done with it.

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    pinched fuel line, clogged up fuel valve, sediment bowl not holding pressure, restriction somewhere in the carbs, restriction in the cooling system causing the pipe to over heat on long pulls, early sign of jet pump failure, small exhaust leak choking motor out, cooling water leaking into the exhaust. In short, there is a problem with your machine that you have not addressed or not correctly addressed.

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