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Thread: Motor exchange

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    Motor exchange

    Been wondering this for a while and finally decided to post. Over time, if you collect enough stuff, could you not throw together a motor with cracked cases, broken crank, three mangled pistons with scored cylinders and a damaged head to then exchange, along with the $1600 for an (insert three letters here) motor?
    If you had a catastrophic failure and needed to replace cases at $600, the crank at $600 and a cylinder and piston at $300 would it not be worth it for the $100 to just drop a replacement, warrantied motor in? As long as it's for the ski that your friends ride or the XL used to pull the kids in the tube it should be fine.
    Maybe they won't accept an exchange with no salvageable parts?

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    i believe if all parts are there they will take it. They have their requirement written on their website

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    They do charge additional for crankcase welding etc......

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