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Thread: Striper Slider!

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    Striper Slider!

    It is Thursday night and the ladies are over again. Not to let them down, I of course had to cook up something special. Here was tonight's thawed out catch of the day.

    I am still doing pretty good on Striped Bass Supply, here are a couple that I caught on my jet ski last month.

    Here are a couple of the ingredients for how I made Striper Cakes.

    I seasoned the 2 lbs of fish with some Cajun Seasoning and sauteed some red onion in butter. Then I broke up all of the fish and put it in a bowl.

    I then added two scrambled eggs three heaping tablespoons of mayo, some garlic powder, parsley flakes, the onion and 1/3 cup of bread crumbs. After that I mixed it all by hand thoroughly, then made hand full size cakes that I dipped in Panko breading.

    Put a good coating of butter in the the skillet and then cook them up on med /high flipping after about three minutes. Cooked for about a total of 8 minutes.

    I then put it all on a platter with tarter sauce, bread and cole slaw. It was a big hit and tasted great.

    I saved some for me! MY STRIPER SLIDER!

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    Brian, you need your own cooking show on tv. " Cooking with Brian" aka Julia Child/ chef Tell

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    DITO .... Brian, I am for sure going to look you up when I come through NC ! Gosh ... you make us hungry

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