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    Sponsons Rxpx 260

    Any one know what's the go and the drag on following sponsons if I need to change

    a) Macc sponsons
    b) Riva sponsons
    c) stock sponsons
    d) LC sponsons

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    I would also like to know what people prefer... I am still running stock ones, and love them. Are any aftermarket ones actually any better? Also u need to add r&d ones to the list...

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    i hava macc racing, versus stock they are a little more aggressive on turns, the winglet adjustment does seem to make the ski lean in on turns more. i have a friend with the riva set and although i havent ridden his ski he has ridden mine and thinks his feels more aggressive on turns. both sets were all the way down with the wing in the most aggressive position. what we both found was that on these new hulls the sponsons don't scrub any speed

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