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    Maintenance question

    As a new member to this forum I have a question about maintenance I was hoping to get some opinions on. I have a new 260 ultra x and after its first day on the water perhaps two things happened when it came home. Firstly I connected the hose and ran water before starting the engine (for about 60 seconds).... I've checked the oil and it's looking perfect. Starts no problems so I think Im ok with this mistake but any reassurance would be most welcomed.
    The second retarded event that may have happened was the ski was run with the hose attached and water on however the motor may have been on for about a minute instead of the 15 seconds recommended. Should I be worried, very worried, hysterical ..... Or all will be ok but don't do it again ?
    too much time around boats and no experience with skis so any advice would be most welcomed. Cheers

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    Sounds like you are ok, the first incident with turning the water on first then starting the motor, If there was a problem it would have been hydrolocked from the cylinders filling with water...should be ok there......second incident...was water flowing while engine was running? if so you can run it as long as you want to On Kawasaki or Yamaha as long as there is enough water running through the cooling system.....

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    Ya ur ok I did the same thing when I first got my ski. I had no idea I never owned a ski Second if u ran the motor without the water on for a minute and the alarm didn't go off ur prolly fine. There is a engine temperature alarm for when the motor is close to over heating

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    Yes water was running through the engine (but it was dam hot coming out the other end after a minute) thanks for the replies and reassurannce. Looking forward to many more trips but kicking myself I didn't read just a little more before I started the wash down process. Thanks again.

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    I had to make a small card up with Big bold cap letters saying "Engine On, H2O On ... H2O Off, Engine Off" I laminated it & attached to the flush nozzel with a pull-tie.

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