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    Speed reading problems

    Hi all,

    My 2012 300x refuses to read the correct speed (reading about 28mph at full throttle). Anyone know a solution to this? Or any cheap but reliable gps readers i could purchase?

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    very new to all these terms and website... The ski is completely stock, nothing has been touched, only 3 months of use on it

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    Check the speed wheel under the ride plate at the back. Make sure it spins without any resistance. It should keep spinning if you flick it with your finger. If it doesn't you may have some sand or weed stuck in it.

    Cheers, Mal

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    i had the same issue..check n make sure the speedo baseplate is flush"level" with the ride not full throttle until u resolve this issue

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    Look over your left shoulder and tell me how many yammies and seadoos your towing

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    I actually did try that this past summer and the wheel spun fine. checked for weeds and saw nothing.

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    Thanks for the tip, if that was the case would that effect getting to the skis top speed also?

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    Just out of curiosity are you running a SCOM (delimiter) ?

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