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    Newbie!! Here we go!!! 1995 SLT 750

    New to PWCs and first time posting. I have acquired a 1995 750 slt.

    The hull and exterior are in pretty good shape, however I was told the “engine was bad”. Supposedly, water was noticed spraying from the gasket connecting the exhaust manifold. He said he drained as much water as he could and stabil was added to all three cylinders to keep from freezing.

    Looking for some help on where to begin on evaluating if it’s worth fixing. Thank!
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    Moved to Open Discussion so more people will see it.

    Sta-Bil goes in the fuel tank, not the engine

    See my signature links for some useful info to get you oriented and on the right path.

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    Hopefully by "stabil" you're referring to some type of fogging oil?

    Otherwise, just like K447, check this link in our signatures for 95% of the information you need.

    Also, when you go to the Polaris PWC Performance forum, click on "Search" the upper right-hand corner of the sub-forums box, and then select the "Advance Search" option. It takes you HERE, so you may want to just bookmark that link. Then you can search for your issues and your results will only be answers relating to Polaris watercraft, instead of results about Polaris, Yamaha, Kawi, etc. It also sometimes helps to show results as "Posts" instead of the default "Threads".

    So, welcome to the forum! Get some good pictures up and feel free to say a little more about yourself. Here's a good way to start:

    Quote Originally Posted by bowsniper View Post
    As this site continues to grow, I see more and more Interested jetski enthusists Purchasing a ski without really knowing whats up with the polaris line in they dont make skis anymore, no mechanics to wrench on them and theres only a few places to find real info..

    So with that in mind, Heres a few questions every Newbie should ask themselves before buying a ski or repairing one to get it running..

    If you already bought a ski and your excited about fixing it, and you would like help,, answer these questions about your ski for the rest of us..

    Where u from?
    what kind of ski
    what year
    what kind of engine
    how many hours on the meter?
    how long did it sit
    any new/modified parts on it
    recent tune-ups or rebuild
    general history of the ski if you know
    comes with trailer?
    live on water?
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water
    compression numbers?
    does it run?
    mechanical knowledge

    At this point, we can direct you to your best options given experience,tools,motivation, time and money..

    If anyone else has questions to add/delete from the list, copy n paste the new question sheet if you update it..

    It's possible someone excited about buying a ski can end up spending 1000's to get it up n going.. where a ski now a days can be had for under 1000.00 running and looking good. With no wrenching or painting..

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    Thanks for the good reference starting points.

    Where u from?-- East/Central Indiana
    what kind of ski-- Polaris SLT 750
    what year--1995
    what kind of engine-- Fuji
    how many hours on the meter?--Unknown
    how long did it sit-- Ran last summer (12')
    any new/modified parts on it--Unknown
    recent tune-ups or rebuild--Unknown
    general history of the ski if you know--Unknown. Was told water was spraying from the front cylinder/exhaust manifold gasket.
    comes with trailer-- Yes (97' shorelander)
    live on water?--No
    did the ski run on saltwater or normal lake water-- Freshwater
    compression numbers? Unknown
    does it run? No
    Pictures,videos? No yet
    mechanical knowledge-- No PWC mechanical background
    tools-- Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by burtonrider10022 View Post
    Hopefully by "stabil" you're referring to some type of fogging oil?
    Stabil does make a fogging oil.....

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