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    Gp1200r help throttle sticking....

    My 01 gp1200r was working awesome as usual then it sat for 2-3 weeks as I didn't have the time to ride it, and started fine out it in the water and the throttle was sticking was taking forever to slow down and the throttle trigger was very loose, thought it could be a broken throttle cable?? And ideas?? Thought it could be sticking butterfly's in the carbies as it already had a new throttle cable last year?

    i pulled the stinger out and have been spraying wd40 on all the butterfly's trying to loses them as they feel very tight to push?

    help me please!!

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    The common problem is the throttle shaft bushings in the carbs. The best way to fix it is pull the carbs and remove the throttle shaft & replace the bushings or use a small piece of sand paper lightly and reinstall throttle shaft. But it is not a easy task the screws on the butterfly's are hard to get out and will neen to be replaced and expanded on the ends when reinstalled to keep them from coming back out. I have seen people spray penetrating oil on the outside of carbs and install a spring to assist throttle return.

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