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    Free Polaris Virage TXi cover (needs work)

    Free OEM Grey Polaris Virage TXi Cover, not sure what else it fits...

    but has some tears and some duct tape..

    It is free if you want to pick it up in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada,

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    If no one takes it, and you're looking for a little project, or I'll do it if you don't want to, cut it at each seam, lay it flat on the ground and make a template of it, digitally, with all of the measurements and upload it here. That way others can buy material and make their own.

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    That sounds like alot of motivation. I am actually getting out of owning Polaris machines. So if anyone locally wants to pick it up for that sounds like a great idea.

    My Kawasaki cover was even worse, and I ended up replacing it with a $20 generic extra large snowmobile cover. It fits almost as good as an OEM cover, but probably not trailerable.

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