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    1996 SL 700 - Thrust Problem

    I just finished putting the jet pump back together.. dont let that suggest that I know much. Went to take it for a test ride and noticed that when Im idling and moving at very low RPMs it seems to run ok but once I start to accelerate it will begin to move like it wants to get on a plane and then it feels like the impeller is slipping. Could it be cavitation? If I keep the throttle on it will back off then the impeller feels like it catches again, the ski starts to move ahead then when it would seem as though there is high drag on the jet pump it does the same thing. THe RPMs increase, decrease in thrust, and you can feel the impeller isnt pushing as much.

    Engine is running great the whole time.
    The reason for the pump rebuilt was that I blew a seal and had to replace the seals and bearings in addition to the (not sure of the exact term) but its the housing where the impeller sits. It rubbed into the old one. The impeller wasnt damaged exactly although there were small burrs on the blades from hitting the alum sleeve during the previous bearings issue.

    Any ideas or follow questions would be much appreciated.


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    I received a reply that suggests it could be excessive clearence between the new housing and the impeller. Im looking into the specs for clearence. I did clean the impeller up a bit because of the burrs that were on it after it hit the prior housing. So does a SBT impeller swap solve this problem??


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    Welcome to the Greenhulk forums!!!

    Excessive clearance between the impeller and impeller housing could definately cause what you're describing. Also, are you sure none of the blades got a small bend or tweak from rubbing? Check your numbers and let us know.

    Measure each blade of the impeller at the leading edge, middle, and trailing edge.

    The service limit is about .020"... if at any point that clearance is exceeded, replace the impeller. If at any point it exceeds that with a new impeller, replace the impeller housing.

    Ideally, anywhere between .002" and .008" would be fantastic.

    Just out of curiosity, did you torque the impeller when you put it back on, and if so, how tight did you go?

    And again, welcome to the best Polaris site in the world. (and all other brands as well)
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    Quote Originally Posted by whitey436 View Post
    its the housing where the impeller sits. It rubbed into the old one. The impeller wasn't damaged exactly although there were small burrs on the blades from hitting the alum sleeve during the previous bearings issue.

    Did u replace the housing? you refer to it as the old housing! if not I'd be looking carefully at the damage to the housing also !you could try the sbt route for the impeller but I think you will be one of the first to try them for the 25.00 impeller program?

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    Silly question, but did you remove anything else in the process? Like the intake grate or ride plate? If you did, and didn't reseal them properly you may be getting cavitation from those areas as well.

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    Not silly at all xlint. Very valid points. I've seen what you're describing introduce "ventilation" as well as things like bad thru-hull fittings and clamps.
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    Hey this is great getting the valuable feedback and questions.

    I am wondering, does the jetski drive system have anything similar to a hub in an outboard prop? I have spun the hub on my prop of my boat and it acts the same as I experienced with the jetski. Under low load and low rpm it acts normal until you increase throttle and then it 'breaks loose' until you resume low throttle. Just curious.

    Ok a friend helped me do the reassembly on the jet pump and he did realize this morning that he didnt put the bumpers on each end of the drive shaft. So we are going to have to pull it apart. Would these being excluded cause any of the symptoms?

    Yes I did get a new housing. After reading some feedback on the impeller tolerances, I figured getting one from SBT would resolve any issues along those lines.

    I will check the intake grate also but aside from making sure that it is siliconed properly what areas need to be checked?

    Thanks again for all those involved.


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    Check item #1 it is the drive coupler and acts like the propeller hub on a outboard.

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    Based on what I was experiencing it felt like the drive coupler, I say that only cause I have had the joy of spinning the hub of my boat propeller while under way. How does one go about checking if it is the drive coupler?

    Unlike a propeller, it looks like a big process to replace the coupler.

    We have to remove the drive shaft to install the bumpers anyway but knowing its definitely that item would prevent the procurement of another impeller.


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