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Thread: sl750 part out

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    sl750 part out

    I have a 100% complete 93 sl750 that im getting ready to part out to raise funds for a new ski and figure i would start here before moving to the oh so kind people of ebay .

    The ski was in great shape and screamed across the lake all last summer at 40mph without a hickup. Unfortunatly, right at the end of the summer the engine locked up, and after sitting fired back up again but didnt sound good. I pulled the motor out and tore it down to find one of the main bearings went south and is sticking/grinding. Right before the start of the season the ski was fitted with a fresh top end, converted to premix, had the carbs rebuilt, the driveshaft coupler was replaced, and the pump seals/bearings were replaced.

    I hope to sell the hull first then sell all of the other items. I can email pictures upon request, but all parts came out of a well running ski.

    Im not wanting to nickel and dime every little item but will do what is needed to make it go away. All of my prices are negotiable so please let me know if im high/low.

    Im looking for:

    Extermely good condition hull with great mats, seat, bar pad all with almost no fading. The hull has only very minor nicks in it. sold with cables, display, handlebar switch, pump (drive shaft seperate), inner storage bin, fuel valve, water seperator , hood, latches, engine mounts, trim motor, exhaust hull fitting, etc. on a clean arizona title with 8 mo. left on current registration. $300.00

    Engine with 1 season on top end and new reed pedals (includes all parts like stator, reeds, drive shaft coupler, bed plate, etc. - carbs/exhaust NOT included)-NEEDS CRANKSHAFT/ MAIN BEARINGS. Cases/jugs/heads in great shape with no damage, just a failing main bearing. 175.00

    Complete carb rack with all linkages. All 3 rebuilt 1 season ago, work perfectly. $100.00

    A complete electrical box with no corrosion in great shape. All parts included (cdi, coils, etc) but no stator harness. 150.00

    fuel tank with pick up and sender. gauge sending unit does not reed correctly. no leaks. 50.00

    oil tank with sendr. gauge sending unit works. 25.00

    Water box 30.00

    expansion chamber 30.00

    manifold 40.00

    cross over tube 15.00

    drive shaft 40.00

    Will sell for cheaper if someone wants the entire ski. Again, this ski was in great shape and ran great until the main bearing went south.

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    All items except hull are shipable at buyers expense. All items are located in Peoria AZ

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