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    how far and still run pump gas yami 1100

    Ok picked up a venture 1100 and trailer for 100 bucks.

    Have a line on a 85mm bore riva yamaha performance 5mm stroker. Sourced a set of gp1200 triple pipes and nice setbof 44 red tops.

    I take it im past the point of pump gas? Any way to retard timing to run pump gas and advance for race gas. Orl

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    That all depends on the compression. You could run a stock head and be fine with pump gas. With the 1100 triple you will want to be around 145 psi for pump gas.

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    So as long as i maintain that psi im good requardless of exhaust or carbs?. Am looking at 44's gp1200 tripples and protech 85mm superstock cylinders with billet head.

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    The squish will also come into play but if you are 145psi or lower and have a reasonable amount of squish I don't see any reason you would need more octane.

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