So I want to share this story because it's an epic fail and I hope it will encite comforting stories of all who are willing to share. Last week Cousin and I decide to take our newly ghetto rigged Fishing skis out on the water to fish. Day 1 I decide my boy is going to love this. I need to know how he will do to determine if he is ready so why not, I will take him out. We put in and with only a few hiccups we are underway in the bay. Some flat water a lot of Choppy water, every pitch every roll every small jump, the boy did excellent. we took it slow and attempted to fish all around from where we put in to about 12 miles down the shore. hours he spent with his practice rod casting and reeling over and over absolute perfection from a child who is pretty energetic. Outside of no damn fish in the bay, a perfect trip with my boy.
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So as I said great trip. Two days later however, me and Cousin are going to try again this time just us. But wait wifey wants to join. So understanding the girl has had an enormous about of negative things going on this month I figure WTF why not it will be good for her. Its kind of chilly outside a little windy but my belief is the sun will come up a little more and start a warming trend in direct sun light. I drop in get every thing ready and the girl is having second thoughts. Hey we are here lets do this. I attempted to warn her beforehand the handling and feeling of the ski is different from her dad's bay boat but WTF do i know attitude is the tone i felt as feedback. anywho we start the voyage south 12-18MPH and every pitch and roll the girl is trippin out. my belief is accept it and chill out so i give it more gas 23 MPH her damn hat flys off. so around we go. I cant see the hat and the water is kind of murky so as she sits there looking I stand up. lalalalala I dont see this hat I go to sit down and the bike is on its side the both of us dumped into 64 degree water and all in slow motion.

I come out of the water to see the bike rolling at me and push it back over. Grab my wife who has a look of death in her eyes and i am telling her grab this strap grab this strap and petrified cause she is in shock, i get no response just panic. So I save my self get up on the bike and pull her up to the seat. whoa WTF just happened? Oh shit my box is floating away with my tackle box, aerator, anchor, ect so back in the water i go like forest gump into the jungle for bubba. save the box swim back to the boat get back on and we have decided f this lets pack up. (side Bar) the chemical plant around the corner from the house had an explosion and chemical leak with fatalities that morning. we had a shelter in place order which already made us late getting on the water to begin with. and Omen? maybe? so back to the failure at hand. I turn to start the bike and my key is gone not on the tit or my vest not on the boat or tangled in my rack. What??? hey cuz i need help!! he searched and searched but nothing. the wind shoved me into a marsh and i got off again to move the bike out of the 1 foot of water it was in, and i am up to my knees in mud!! i am sinking hard and fast. I am pushing the bike out into deeper water and i have to fight the suction of the most rank mud i have ever seen. deeper and deeper i go into the mud trying to save my bride. Cousin finds the key 10 minutes later in a little cove tosses it to me i go to hop back on and there is a tree in the water i filet my shin open, then sink back into this turd mud. I shout epic profanities get on the bike start it up and the damn thing floated back to the marsh and the bike would not go anywhere just scream error codes at me. Cousin tows me out of the shit i get the bike started and its clogged up but slowly drifting back to the ramp. finally it flushes it self out and i feel a little power come back and she is back to normal again. 200 yards from the damn launch with my wife on an outing to take her mind off of everything that has happened and she puts me in the damn drink!! now hates the bike and will probably never trust me again cause lets face it, its my fault right?

Rule #1 4 year old, poster child of perfection, bring him it will be fun!
Rule #2 30 year old who spent her life on daddy's boat sucks at life, leave her at the house!

Please tell me your epic failures to wash away the pain!!