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Thread: Buyers Guide???

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    Question Buyers Guide???

    Hi all, new to the forum. I want to say this place has a wealth of information on just about any topic concerning jet skis you can think of.

    I do however have a question, is there a Sea Doo buyers guide on here somewhere? I've read through several threads and figured out which I
    should avoid and which to keep on the list of possibilities. If there isn't an official buyers guide, maybe I can have a few things answered here.

    I've been searching around for a while and am (kind of) narrowing my choices down.
    *I want a Sea Doo
    *has to be supercharged (215-255hp)
    *2 or 3 seats doesn't matter (pros and cons?)
    *RXT or RXP models (x if I can stretch to it) also found a few wake 215s, but don't need to pull anyone
    *been looking at 06 - 09 most have ranged from 50 to 135hrs
    *06's I've looked at have had their super chargers rebuilt, is there anyway to see if the ceramic washer has been updated and what I should look for
    *max price would be $7500, would rather stay around 6k though, with a trailer and cover.
    *would like to purchase soon (out of season, better prices??)

    If these have been covered and you can point me in the right direction, I'd be grateful.


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    Where are you located

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    South West Virginia

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoLoCo View Post
    South West Virginia

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    Roanoke, would be riding on Smith mountain lake.

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