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    any idea who makes this or what make is it?

    hi guys any ideas who makes this? its on my fx sho and it has a modded exhaust but using standard impeller but keeps hitting limiter?? any ideas what impeller i should use? i bought the ski with the grate on but dont no what make it is??Click image for larger version. 

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    That's the R&D grate.

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    you should have just added it to your current thread. The intake grate is not your problem

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    so what do you thinks my prob mate? cheers

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    darren why are you opening another thread about the same topic? myself and others already made suggestions in your previous thread to help you with your issue.either your stock prop is damaged or you simply need an aftermarket prop because the engine has been modified and its on the limiter.

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    cos i did lol i forgot about adding it on cheers for you help guys

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    Hi guys what impeller do you think I should run? Or what pitch etc I was looking at 13/22

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