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    1996 750sxi suggested mods?

    I have a completely stock '96 sxi that I have been riding as-is for over 7 years. I am thinking about beginning to mod it and was wondering what is a good place to start. I am not a newbie when it comes to things mechanical and I understand engine theory very well so don't be afraid to get technical on me, the more technical you are the better.

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    Depending on your budget, and or goals

    Motor / pump mods;

    Exh pipe ( factory pipe brand, wet pipe)
    cut head to increase compression
    advance timing
    aftermarket flame arrestors, rejet carbs, and install primer kit
    Scat trac C-75 Big hub 9-17 impeller
    bore exit nozzle to 80mm, or switch to an earlier 750sx 80mm nozzle
    after market deep scoop grate

    may want to switch to Light tension, carbon tech reeds.
    also a light weight flywheel makes a HUGE difference.

    You might want to think about "handling" mods as well. Quick steer, different handle bars, finger throttle, Handlepole spring tesioner, ride plate, etc will all help with comfort, and handling. ( which are improtant as well)

    all above mods will make a nice gain. "if" you cannot afford a pipe, and or flyweel, all other mods will still make a noticable gain. I can help with all, but the pipe, if you need. I can mill your head here, and supply all needed gaskets, etc.

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