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    HELP! :S creamy colour oil. rxp 215

    i, i recently bought a 2006 rxp 215 2 days ago with 107 hours on it, i took it for a test ride and it all ran fine and everything so i bought it.

    i went to take it out for a ride today filled up petrol and thought i better check to see if its got enough oil in it before i go for a ride,

    i pulled the dipstick out to see that the oil on the end was a creamy thick colour. now to my guess it means that there is water in there... (stupid me didnt check the oil when i bought it because it test rode fine)

    anyways i need to know if it is water in the oil. is there a common problem to why it does this?
    the supercharger was rebuilt 10 hours ago so surely the mechanic would pick it up if its got a blown head or gasket?

    any help is much appreicated as i have no idea about it?

    any common problems that it could be that i should check? obviously i need to pump the oil out n put new stuff in now...

    but i need to get the problem fixed first...

    so basically any info you know i need to know.

    thanks in advance!!

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    Yes, there is water in your oil. You need to change the oil several times to make sure you get all the water contamination out. It is possible that the previous owner ingested water and contaminated the oil then did not go through the process of changing the oil. If this is the case, you should be okay to ride once you changed the oil several times until what was in there is good clean oil. If the oil once again becomes contaminated with water, I'd be looking closely at the oil cooler. It is pretty rare for the head gasket to be the cause of water contamination on the 4-tec, but it is possible.

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    okay i got all the first lot of white milky oil out. then put in another litre of normal oil and sucked back out n was a bit better in colour but still milky!... sshould i keep doing a litre at a time? or do i need to fill it all the way up like 3 litres at a time? what ahppens if im not getting every last drop out? i will go buy more oil tomorrow after work n flush it more times... how many litres should i buy?

    when i took the filter out. it was all squashed and sucked in...??

    and i took the spark plugs out and they were all like corroded sort of. well like dried out...

    where is the oil cooler located? or should i flush the oil out until clean again then test ride and if it does it again then check the oil cooler?

    i didnt think it was likely to be the head because i havent read much about them going... and would the radiator fluid drop if it was the head/head gasket?


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    Refill it all the way back up to the normal level each time, turn it over for a few seconds then suck it out. Use cheap oil until you are certain there is no more water in there. The filter probably collapsed due to the water contamination in the oil. Sounds like the previous owner ingested a significant amount of water or possibly sunk the ski... It is unfortunate you didn't discover this before purchasing it. The intercooler could also be a potential cause of the issue.

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    Cheap oil like what sort? Can it be any oil or just the cheapest WET CLUTCH oil I can find? Im gunna get new spark plugs n filter too... should I put the old ones back in until its all flushed out?

    Then put new plugs filter n oil in when its all flushed out?
    Im hoping that it fixes once I flush it all out And wont happen again...

    So if the oil turns milky again what should I statt looking at?

    If it got sunk and I flush it all out should be all fine then. I hope I eliminate the cracked head/head gasket cause that sounds expensive...

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    Just any cheap 10w 40 mineral oil should be fine. Change the plugs now, but don't replace the oil filter until youve finished flushing the oil.

    I find it hard to believe the ski was running well with water damaged plugs... How many rpms was it turning? I'd compression check the motor after you resolve this issue. It's a little worrying that the ski has been purchased in this condition and it seems the previous owner hasn't taken the correct actions to prevent damaging the engine.

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    Okay ill buy cheap stuff then bottle of good stuff for end result... so put the old squashed filter back in for tstarting it while flushing oil? Yer thats what I checkdd on test ride... it turned upto 7900 in the rough water. And I seen it get to 8300. But maybe in the air I dunno... but I dodnt get to test it on flat but seen 7900 n knew 7900-8100 was reasonble. And supercharger has been rebuilt.

    Just wondering if you have water runing into the ski without the motor off while flushing it out can that get it in the motor?
    Because when I got it home after test riding I flushed it and told the misses to turn the tap off and thiught she did so I turned it off then realosed she didnt so turned it back on auntil it went off... it was probs about 30-40 seconds of water on wkthout the ski running? Could thay cause it?

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    Just the guy didnt seem like the type to rip someome off becahse he was complaining to me how he got fucked over when he bought it... so thats why I was thinking mayne it was when I flushed it n run the water in withoht the motor running?

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    Also should I spray wd40 down the spark pkug holes? And pour some fogging oil in there too??
    Just to try stop it from rusting. I di t think it will but just incase. Is that okay to do?

    Ill be flushing out all the dirty oil in about 16 houra from now after I finish work tomorrkw...

    Im starting think it is my fault due to not flushing it out properly after reading some threads. Wat do u think?

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    was the machine running while you had the flush hose turned on? did you turn the machine off before the hose or the hose then machine?

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