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    2007 rxp pricing

    I'm getting ready to buy a 2007 rxp 215, 20 hours on ski, with metal clutch washers, the guy wants 11k it also comes with an aluminum trailer. That seems a bit pricey, it is 6 years old and has 20 hours is what I am worried about, why did it sit for so long? Should I be worried about that?

    Thank you

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    If i had that much to spend i would go for a 08+ rxp/rxt-x 255 with more hours. Dont get too caught up in low hours. If the engine wasnt properly fogged in between use, rust can form on the engine internals.

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    So ditch it, and get a 255. What's a good hour range. my dad has an 08 rxt 215 and has 400 hours and still runnin strong

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    ya ditch it .there are alot better deals out there.this last summer i sold a 04 with 75 hours and a 06 with 19 hours on it for 12000 for both.some people are just greedy.thanx richard.

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    they didnt even cost 11k when new! wtf i paid 10k

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    There was no mention of where the OP lived. You cannot talk about pricing without location.

    A little over two years ago, our local dealer had half a dozen new 2007 215 RXP's left over. He blew them out for $7500. I considered buying one.

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    Or get a new leftover, GTR is in that price range.

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    Geez $11k??? I agree we need a location for some context but damn if that's US dollars and anywhere in this country he is smoking something good!

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    We live in central Kansas, he lives across town from me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 12rxp View Post
    We live in central Kansas, he lives across town from me.
    Stab him, take it and use the 11k to build a turbo drag monster. $$PROFIT$$

    Trust me he deserves to be shanked for trying to charge you that much

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