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    Smoked my starter and need some info of why and what to replace it with...

    Well I tried to start my xl700y and on the third time it seemed week even though I just charged the battery... I am useing a LARGE trolling motor battery to start it...

    First.. Could the battery ( marine battery) cause the starter to burn up..
    Second.. I only cranked it for maybe 3 seconds each start cycle and half way through the 2nd start it started to start and I stopped for maybe 3 seconds then fired it again and thats when it tried to start again and then smoked!! (but was turning over slow unlike the first 2 times...)

    I know my starter is shot.. When I put power to the terminals now, it sounds like my battery is dead and the starter solenoid is clicking inside the cdi...

    Had anyone had this problem?
    Does it sound like the starter was just old?
    AND are their any GOOD aftermarket starters that are under 150 dollars that are oem quality???

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    Had any starting problems previously? Can you spin the motor by hand?

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    "First.. Could the battery ( marine battery) cause the starter to burn up?.."

    Absolutely not, as long as it was a 12v battery.

    Sounds like something inside the starter was causing high resistance... that would generate a lot of heat and cause things to melt. Does the engine rotate easily?

    Had one starter recently where the metal "tabs" that connect the 12v lead to the brushes started to crack. First caused high resistance, then cracked all the way causing an open circuit.

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