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    1997 Seadoo XP long crank time

    Hey guys I have a matching pair of 97 XP 787's both have long crank time both warm and cold start. One is worse then the other. Rav valves are clean, good fuel, new plugs, clean spark arresters. have had them for 2 years now they have not gotten worse or better. Friend tells me to install a primer and remove
    choke(like the ski doo snowmobiles would have) but it seems like if the throttle is held open part way they start quicker but act loaded up slightly where as if you just crank them to death 15 secs or so they will start as if lean.

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    pull the choke with your right hand, right elbow on the throttle at about 1/4, left hand on the start stop button, crank until fires off, release choke, while it runs give it some more gas while feathering the choke until warmed up. Starting the machines out of water and letting them run for 5 seconds or so makes for an easyier start once launched. They start on the lean side. The starting process listed is common for I-body carberated seadoos like yours in stock form. If you wanted to rejet to larger piolets and smaller mains, you can make them start much easier. The primers are a pain in the ass as the plungers stop working after a few seasons or less, extra fuel lines hanging everywhere-- potential for gas leaks as the junk lines get brittle and crack, bastersizing oem carbs and killing the resale value of them and or the machine when you go to sell it.

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    avoid primers at all costs, that's a hack/shadetree solution for not having the carbs set up correctly.

    often a very very little throttle makes the start very quick. More then likley you have an air leak in the fuel system, the system should be pressure tested to determine if the leak is at the fuel valve itself.

    you might do better starting on reserve, it has a little more fuel sitting on top of it.

    primers cause more problems then they solve in long term, speically since there will be little to no lube available to the engine when it first fires up from all that raw gas going down the pipe.

    a properly setup engine shouldn't take no more then 3-4 five second cranks to fire up.

    Even a dipped in dirt standup I worked on last year started on the first punch of the button with the choke on ( really surprised the owner, who had been using a turkey baster to prime the engine)

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    I would look at your Needle and seats in the carbs first as they can be leaking.

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    You don't need a primer, you have an accelerator pump. Pump the throttle a couple times and fire her up.

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    If everything in these 2 stroke motors is correct, they should start easily with just the choke. My motors that have accelerator pumps, I just pump the throttle while cranking the engine. They fire off pretty quick that way.

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