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    more power

    working with a stock 787 1997 xp. want to get some more performance out of it what are good bolts on items. who make the best performing impeller for low to mid range gains without loosing a bunch of top end. ride plate? How about making the ski light what any ideas there? I have a friend with a polaris who stripped all the oil injection junk out is there a way to do this to my xp without causing the mpem to freak out?

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    Don't bother removing oil injection, all you will gain is using a ton more oil. You could put a pipe on, but that hull has a lot of wetted area for that engine. Save your money, ride it as is, and upgrade to a faster ski when you are ready. It will be much cheaper.

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    money spent on mods are better spent on a faster newer machine.

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    Buy a gp1200r!

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