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    Help with a 99 SLX 1050

    I need help I came across a 99 Slx 1050 that wasn't running. The electrical box has been opened and it looks like who ever had it did some rigging some of the wires anyway to make a long story short I got the ski running but there is a grey wire that's that plugged up to anything. Do you know where it might go ? thanks.

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    the gray wire is the limiter circuit and ifi remember right it goes to the brown terminal on the board

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    There are two gray wires. One is connected from the stator to the CDI via a bullet connector

    The other is called the RPM Limiter wire and has a female spade connector, and is used to limit maximum engine RPM during engine overheat, etc.

    See my signature links for details on where these wires connect. The terminal on the board marked TAN is probably the correct location, but some models have a slightly different wiring arrangement.

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    ok thanks for the help Ill try that.

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