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    93 wr 650 lx - new to us, first time owner - what to check to be water ready

    My father in law picked up a 2 place pwc trailer last week. It came with a 1993 wr650r (waverunner lx) on it 'free'. supposedly ran last summer. Kind of worried it's a project in the making, but it could be fun to learn.

    I plan on purchasing owners manual and shop manual as well - Recommended sources?.

    Father in law checked under the hood and engine was surprisingly clean. He will be testing compression shortly. He tried throttle and choke Controls & both moved smoothly. it's still on the trailer - so I don't think he tested steering yet. Hull has wear & can be cleaned, but no major damage. (don't know if it takes on water or not, but the cover seemed to fit watertight.)

    Hoping old school Yamaha experts here could help suggest some basic pre-season tests/checks average guys can do while the lakes are still frozen to see what we have on our hands? Starting with big red flag issues down to Smaller hoses/filters/ect - what would you check to make sure she's ready?

    And as we are checking are there any inexpensive parts (hoses filters etc) we might as well replace along the way?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Great little machine to learn on. If compression is good(130-150), and spark is good, I'd put a dribble of mixed gas into the cylinders and try to fire it up. The carb will likely need taken apart and cleaned. I believe on that model there are fuel filters inside the gas tank hanging from the ends of the pickups. I would remove those totally and place an inline filter before the carb. Remove the driveshaft cover (directly behind the engine) and grease the fitting. Make sure nothing is loose or broken in the pump area. Remove cooling lines from engine and try to blow through each one, dirt dobbers like to plug them up. Ride it and have fun!

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    Thanks, will start there with father in law.

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