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    Jayson SLT 750, has not run in ten years

    hello im jayson. i just recently purchased a 94-95 polaris slt 750 from an old boss of mine and he got it from an estate sale. as far as i can tell its last time in water was back in 2003. and here we are in 2013. so my guess is its been sittin for 10 years.

    it looks ok on the outside and needs new foam and seat material and a lil fiberglass repair done on the right hand side of the compartment where the mirror mounts. but thats the least of my concern.

    i talked with an old friend of mine and he gave me a lil advice on it but since i started to dig into it i havent been able to get ahold of him. so im coming to everyone on here for advice.

    i got it to start by spraying carb cleaner in the carbs and it starts but its not getting fuel. so i took the carbs off and im waiting on a day that i can get off work early enough to go to my local shop and get new diaphrams and o-rings for the carbs.

    and im needing to find someone or somewhere that sells the triple outlet pump for my ski. any ideas ? this is my first ski and im anxious to learn and gain more knowledge.

    oh also stupid question but how do u change the oil in these motors? ( for the crank case and other areas it may need )

    i am greatly appreciative if i can get any kind of help. thank you kindly!!!
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    Welcome to the site!

    Start off by going here: and reading a LOT. Pay close attention to the fuel system section and the fuel line issues. Also, because the ski has been sitting so long, you should probably check the crankshaft bearings for rust. The process for this is spelled out in the link above.

    Then, go here: to buy a carburetor rebuild kit.

    And while you're at Watcon, grab one of these: which is the triple fuel pump you said you were looking for.

    As for the oil, I'd really recommend you read up on these motors. They are 2-Stroke engines and they are lubricated by oil injection that is injected into the cylinders with the fuel.

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    With some TLC and careful attention you should be able to get this running for a reasonable long as the crank bearings aren't rusted.

    One word of caution: starting 2-stroke engines on carb cleaner is bad mojo. That liquid provides no lubrication, so your bearings are just metal on metal. You should always use a squirt bottle with 50:1 fuel/oil mix when troubleshooting fuel problems.

    Button gave you some good links. I would suggest you also empty the fuel and do a thorough cleaning of the tank. Replace any and all rubber hoses contained inside they tank. They are probably either a pile of goo or brittle and cracked.


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    Huh huh huh.... button.

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