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    Lost 4mph... dings in impeller OR cold weather?

    The other day I was out goofing around on my pwc and before I knew it found myself in ~1' of water. At slow-idle some rocks went through the pump. I shut it off and shook the ski as best as I could hoping the other rocks would fall out. It seemed to run fine after that, but was off a few MPH. When I got home, I dismantled it from the rear end and got the rocks that were wedged in the discharge side of the pump out, and saw that the impeller has a few dings in it, one big one where it looks like a rock might have been lodged. At this point I realized I was in over my head and put it all back together.

    My questions are:
    1) will a few dings in an impeller reduce performance by 4-5mph?
    2) How much effect does a cold temp play in performance drop?

    I'm trying to decide if I should:
    a) do nothing.
    b) take it to the dealer and let them tell me how much I need to replace
    c) take it to an independent prop shop and let them grind down rough spots.
    d) ???

    I also noticed while removing the rear end, that the engine cooling hose that is to the port side of the pump, has a hole in it from where the iBR goes up and down and rubs.

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    Cold temps increase performance. Cold air = denser.

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    Yeah a prop and wear ring that a dinged up will drop you some. The cold airr will make you run faster than in the heat of the summer. If the wear ring and prop are dinged you need to replace the wear ring and have the prop pulled and sent off to someone on here that will fix it if fixable or replace it for you. Most shops will pull the prop off for 20 buck os so if yoiu take the pump to them. Good luck

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    can you post some pictures of the ring?

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    Hello, although I have a Yammie, I also sucked up a rock ... I know this cause one was lodged in the Intake Grate. So I also yanked all the rear end off (pump, ware ring, nozzel) etc. found two nicks in my prop from rock damage one about 1/2 inch in length and one 1/8 " in length.
    Will keep prop for spare. When I went to get prop off (orignal) never off before. It was a bear! Had to purchase shaft tool/holder then place in vice. I actually had to get up on work bench and stand on wrench. Even after appling heat from torch. Put new
    Solas prop on.
    Since you already have back end off just change prop and put back together yourself.... you can do it

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