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    07 rxp vs 08 rxt-x...what to buy?

    I've narrowed down my ski choices to these two, 07 rxp or 08 rxt-x.
    I'm located in Virginia and the rxp is around $5700 with ~70hrs and
    the rxt-x is around 7k with right at 100hrs, the 100hr service was recently
    performed on this ski. Both do not have trailers and I cannot find any decent
    used trailers around here, so I may have to buy new @$1000 including permanent
    plates and registration fees. The local boat show is this weekend as well, hopefully
    I can snag a deal on a trailer there.

    What's the cost to get the rxp to x status? Should I just go for the t-x out the
    gate? The t-x comes with a warranty until the end of next year
    and has good service records. I would be going by the owners word on the rxp
    as far as fogging every winter, garage kept, etc. Both skis look clean from their
    pictures, but you know how it is when you see things in person. The rxp is about
    an hour away and the rxt-x is about 2.5 hours away. The t-x is also just above
    my budget total, but given the records and warranty, I would be willing to stretch
    it a bit.

    Which do I get???

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    I just picked up an '07 RXT 215 with 105hrs on it for $5700.00 with trailer... they were asking $6500.00 for mine.
    it just had the 100hr service done on it before it was winterized.

    my vote would be the RXT-X

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    RXTX for sure if it is in nice shape. The RXTX has $2000+ worth of performance parts on it from the factory not to mention, 3 seaters around me anyhow bring atleast $1000 more than a comparable 2 seater, 08s came with metal SC washers so you know the ceramics are not inside the motor, 08s came with the updated exhaust, updated ride plate, oiling mod in the pto cover. Not to mention a GOOD warrenty

    The 08 RXTX handles EXCEPTIONALLY well for being a stock machine-- this is 1 machine seadoo got right Small tweeks you may want to consider would be reinforcing pump tunnel, replacing stock intake grate, solas impeller, 83 mm nozzle?

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    Thanks for the input, that's the one I'm leaning toward, I just hope it's still there once I find a trailer. Which ever I get, I'll likely get a few rides in before I do any mods. Jim what are the benefits of those particular mods? I'm still learning a lot.

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    The RXT=X is a more all around family fun boat. I have had them both and the RXP ofcoarse can be made to be faster, but then again you will lose the ability to run better in the rough water. The RXT-X is a great boat and the little added warranty gives you the chance to run it hard for a few days and if something breaks. Well its got soem warranty. If you change the grate alone on the RXT-X you will pick up 2mph.. The stock grate is like a brake on the ski. I have a riva one if you are interested after the sell. I loved the X. And I think you will too.

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    The RXT-X is the better all-around ski but if it's out of your price range, the RXP is still a great choice. This is an expensive hobby, you don't want to spend all of your money on the ski itself. If it helps, I just sold my 2006 RXT with 123 hours for $5,800 without the trailer. I live in upstate New York.

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    Sounds like the x is the way to go, good all around with a bonus seat. I might take you up on the offer for the grate, but since I'm stretching the budget to get the t-x, it may be a few before I can pick it up from you.

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    Rxtx is a much better ski.
    From 07-08 they did some serious upgrades in performance and reliability.

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