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    Motor won't turn need it

    My 97 GSX won't turn over with the plugs on,starter is new and so is the batt
    However if I remove the plugs it turns over just fine
    Thnx in advance

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    Is the battery weak, all battery terminals free of corrosion, clean and tight, battery lead wire connections clean and tight, main neg. lead to motor bolt tends to get loose clean and bolt tight, Starter bolts tight and clean for good ground as well as positive to starter????? if so you got a bad/weak new starter, is it a aftermarket starter, if so thats your issue.

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    check the battery voltage at rest and while cranking, check battery voltage on the starter side of the solenoid when cranking and the resistance from the starter lead on the solenoid to ground report back with some numbers.

    Please note that an accurate voltmeter is required.


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