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    Problem with my 2002 Yamaha WaveRunner XLT 800

    In May, I somehow put the battery in backwards when I had to remove the new battery that was taller to make it fit. (yes, dumb move)

    So it blew the fuse which I replaced and then it started right up.

    Ski starts fine and runs smooth except is has lost its top end. (it does not sputter, miss or stall)
    Now the ski only tops at 40 MPH when it used to go almost 60 MPH.
    At about half throttle the ski will reach about 40MPH but then going full throttle nothing else seems to happen. No extra RPM's or burst of speed.
    Ski runs at 6000rpms once it gets to half and full throttle (no difference).

    I have done things to attempt to fix this and then I took it to a boat shop who has done other things to fix it with no avail. We are really looking for some other ideas here.

    Things I have done:
    • Replaced Fuel filter (wasn't that dirty)
    • Checked Oil filter (didn't look dirty)
    • Changed to a 2nd set of NEW spark plugs with a .7mm gap
      • (no change on 2nd set of new plugs)
    • Checked water separator (nothing in it)
    • Emptied old gas and put new fresh gas in it (no change)
    • Checked Power Valve and it seemed to move - sprayed carb cleaner on and around the area in case it was gunked up (no change)
    • Checked the intake grate and there doesn't appear to be anything stuck in there

    Things the mechanic has done:
    • Checked and cleaned Power Valves
    • Installed new CDI module ($300 – didn’t fix anything)
    • Cleaned and rebuilt carbs
    • Looked at propeller to see if it was damaged and “aerating” the water
    • Compression test was fine on all cylinders
    • Checked out exhaust restrictions to the motor and didn’t find anything.

    The next idea the mechanic has is to look into fuel restrictions where maybe the line is separating and clogging the line at higher rpm’s.

    The ski has been in the shop since July and we don't really have any more ideas at this point.

    Any ideas that you have would be much appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

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    Is there any play or slack in the throttle cable? Have you or the mechanic verified that the butterfly valves in the carbs are fully opening and move throughout the entire range as you pull the throttle handle? Do they start to open just after barely pulling on the throttle?

    If it were a fuel delivery problem then the engine should start to run differently, such as fall on its face due to being really lean, as you go past half throttle so I wouldn't suspect fuel delivery.

    Does it rev past 6000RPM when out of the water and has no load? If you get on it from a stop does it have any power problems? Slow to accelerate or does it hop up to 6000RPM quickly and just not go beyond?

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    I think you got a pump issue did you check your wear ring clearance?

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    Yahooligan\ctct2118 - thanks for the replies.

    There wasn't any slack or play in the cable that I know of. All I did was pretty much winterize it and then put the battery in wrong. So I don't think anything would have happened to it just sitting for 6 months but who knows.

    I will have the mechanic see if he can check the butterfly valves as that seems to make sense to me.

    6000RPM is the max no matter what. It accelerates fast from a stop and just doesn't go beyond. No power problems other than maybe barely a little stutter when going from 1/2 to full throttle.


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    Your display might be reading the wrong mph

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    Could be the speedo, but if it's not hitting the rev limiter or going past 6,000 RPM when out of the water then something else is going on.

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    It isn't the display of the mph. I've tested it next to another jetski, etc and it is not like it is a few mph lower, it is about 20 mph lower so I haven't felt the need to use GPS as I know the little black wheel is not an exact science. thanks

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    Question - did the trouble you describe start RIGHT AFTER you goofed on the battery hookup, or was it already doing this before that incident??

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    This happened right after. Basically I winterized the ski in Sept\Oct and made the battery goof when I was getting it ready to put in the water in May. (winterized = fogging oil, stabil, spark plugs). The fuse was replace immediately and eventually the entire CDI module was replaced after I took it to the mechanic. So it went from being a great ski in Sept down to 2/3 of the speed after winter.


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    Try this unplug the power valve motor then with your hand open the power valves all the way open and test ride it. see if it will gain speed on top end but note it will be sluggish out of the hole until you build some rpms. let us know if it makes a difference.

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