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    96 gsx wont stay running

    I have a 96 gsx with the 787. Compression on each cylinder is 149 and 151. Had the ski less than a week. I changed the spark plugs. I hooked it up to a hose pipe and it would crank and run. Bit when I hit the throttle it would bog. After a minute or so it would rev fine. So I took it for a water test. Backed it in the water. It started and had a rough idle. And cut off. I restarted it and it did the same. Took it out of the water and cleaned the spark plugs, which didn't look all that bad anyway and put them back in. With it out of the water it ran like a new ski. Bit as soon. AAs I got it back in the water it was back to rough idling and then shut off. This ski has a rossier pipe and dual ocean pro flame arrestors. The choke is gone and there is a primer. What could be causing the rough idle and it cutting off. After it starting and cutting off a couple times. It will only turn over, like its flooded, which lead me to discover that if I push the primer more than 2 or 3 times. When I push the primer, I can see fuel spraying out the bottom side of the front carb. Do these carbs have an overflow? Sorry for the long post. And thanks in advanced for the help.

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    First thing is remove the carbs and clean them... Rebuilt them is reccommended.. Second thing is the idle speed adjustment or setting.. What is a good 1000 rpm idle in the water - is a screaming 2000 plus rpm out of the water.. When you place the boat in the water the engine is now under load and the engine responds to that load..

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    Are the fuel lines gray? If so, you will need to replace them, replace or clean fuel valve, rebuild carbs, clean the fuel filter bowl, and fuel tank. I replaced my gray fuel lines with 1/4 inch NAPA fuel line and stainless steel worm clamps. It usually takes about 20feet of fuel line to do all the lines.

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    +1 on all that advice but given the nature of the ski, I'd suggest using marine grade fuel line.

    You'll find plenty of info on the gray tempo fuel line issues and tips on carb rebuilding You do need to study up on carb basics, ski carbs don't have float bowls or overlfows

    I suspect the tinly fuel filters inside the carbs are plugged chocking off the fuel supply, typically why primers are installed. hacks are too lazy to fix it right, so they go with the quick fix.

    A twin carb rebuild can be a little tricky for a newbie, if you want to tackle it, take plenty o pics during the process and mark fuel lines and such to avoid problems on assembly

    try not typing everything in one long sentance, break it uyp a's hard on this old fart's eyes.

    to give you an idea of what you are looking at, a twin carb rebuild runs around $600 at my shop, that includes all new fuel lines, fuel valve, otiker fuel line clamps and Sheilds a-1 rated marine line.

    you'll find a solid days worth of reading on teh subject by searching here.

    good luck!

    oh yeah..NEVER use starter fluid, no matter how tempting it may be.

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    Fuel lines have been replaced. I've rebuilt 4-barrel Holley carbs, but never a ski Carb. I'll do some research on rebuilding them. Any idea why fuel would be spraying out? How often should the fuel filter be replaced? Thanks for all the help.

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    There should be no fuel spraying out or leaking at all ! Very Dangerous in a hull! Check the carbs and intake for cracks. Since there are flame arrestors on it there is probably not a carb brace which can lead to cracks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyler1192 View Post
    When I push the primer, I can see fuel spraying out the bottom side of the front carb.
    It kinda sounds like maybe one of the plugs for the choke holes may have fallen out and is spraying in the hull or maybe a fuel/primer line is cracked/broken or loose. Download a manual or print out a microfiche of your carbs to do the rebuild yourself. It should NOT cost ANYWHERE near $600 to rebuild carbs.

    -Go to the GreenHulk store and buy two (2) Rebuild Kit, 38/44/46mm Carb, Mikuni
    -Under the OEM parts, you could use their microfiche though its pretty hard to keep up because of the bad quality lay out
    -The rebuild will give you new fuel filters, not sure how long they last

    While doing the rebuild, post your progress as a thread here and while rebuilding, you'll get some help while you progress.

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    You sure that's fuel and not water. Running fine out of the water and cutting out dying in the water can be an internal water leak like a bad base gasket.

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    with all due respects, no doubt in my mind that the carbs are plugged from the sympttoms of fine running under no load.

    and regarding the $600 cost for the rebuild..that's parts and labor..and I never due a rebuild without needles and seats and a water tnk test to be 100% sure there are no problems athat are going to ruin the custoemrs day on the water ( like perhaps an air leak someplace in engine ).

    I had an engine air leak last season and when it came down to brass tacks, I found the giant o-ring for the rotary valve was pinched in the cover from a previous repair.

    internal fuel filters for mikuni carbs are plastic mesh screens, they can be cleaned if done with great care.

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    Definitely fuel. I cleaned the rave valves and noticed the small oring on both were missing pieces. I'm going to pull carbs in the next day or so. I'll let y'all know what I find. Thanks for the advice thus far.

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