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    JS550 Question

    I know the carb settings are all over, But my question is when turning the screws "1 1/16 turn " is that if the screw is fully closed /tight ?

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    Yes its turns out from all the way in. JUST lightly bottomed, dont screw them in tight or you'll risk damage to the needles.

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    ok I did that, got it to finally start , and got it to scream with not to much white smoke BUT once I turned it off it would NOT restart, killed the battery trying?? any ideas ?

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    yes. Close the screw and then back it out 1 1/16 out. Im sure that is just a basic starting point for tuning. make sure your ski is in the water and pump is under load or else tuning would be pointless and youll have to do it all over again. Hope this helps!

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    oops didnt see you got it running. hmmm did you try priming it? Id choke it first, then prime. If those dont work, pull your plugs and clean them off a bit. While your at it check spark on both plugs. Check this out, this is an amazing thread on tuning!

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