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    RXPX 2012 questions

    I recently purchased a 2012 rxpx, and needless to say, i want to mod it for `speed`.

    its currently stock but with some accessories here and there that are more comfort related than anything (i.e. reboarding step)

    Im sure this has been talked about many times, but this being my first performance mods, so i wanted to make sure i have the right choices made.

    Im planning on installing a catch can, (homemade);
    homemade 4`` intake,
    rideplate holes filled
    and planning on buying something like either a :
    -RIVA Speed Control Override Module
    -R&D Boost Box.

    Both seem to be doing the same thing except the RIVA allows for me to start in sport mode (not that important for me)
    but the R&D allows for more boost (according to the product description).

    Id like to know what you guys recommend on which option to go with.

    another question is, should i be bothering with putting on a Intercooler Water Filter Kit?

    Lastly, the with what would you plug in the hole in the intake after installing the catch can?

    Im not planning on going "fast" but "faster" than stock, which would be more than enough for me.

    P.S. the 4" air intake, should i bother going with the filter going all the way to the front storage area? I have seen a picture of someone on here with it just ontop of the engine cover.
    I have been browsing the older threads and wasn't sure if the same needed to be done or it has changed/ or people have better ideas.

    thanks in advance,

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    First of all this has been covered, look for more info
    Read,read. Forget about the override module your waisting your $$$

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