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    89 waverunner 500 carb/high rev HELP

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on greenhulk! Anyways this post is not spam. I have posted it on pwctoday. So I have a 1989 yamaha waverunner 500 that I am restoring. I have so far installed a new cdi unit and new carb. It fires up and runs. HOWEVER it sounds like its reving way to high then it's supposed to be. It sounds like its running like its full throttle kinda. It's smokey as well ( god only knows when it was last ran, only bought it for $100) the cylinders have good compression, not great but okay. I have the knobs on the carb to the right position. (Low/high needles) also the needle on the throttle on the carb that (I think) is supposed to control the rpms is set to the lowest turn it can go to. When I start it I have no throttle control as well. I can see that it's moving the butterfly in the carb but nothing happens. Hope I get some help, thanks for reading.

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    If it is bouncing around in the 3k rpm range that is normal for idle when ski is not in the water. If it really is running wide open when you start it you could be experiencing a lean run away. The excess smoke could be fogging oil.

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