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    Looking to purchase first ski soon

    I finally have the money to purchase a used ski and I'd like some advice. Not spending more than $4k. My main question is will I be happy with a GTI or should I try to find a supercharged one. I have found a 2002 and 2005 gti. Also found a 2004 gtx but haven't got a response from it yet. My main uses will be just riding around in the ocean some and a lake with possibly pulling a tube or wakeboard. Also planning on using it for fishing quite a bit. I will probably mod it. This will be my toy as I try to move away from cars. I appreciate all help.

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    The 02 is actually a gtx.

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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    Regarding the GTI vs GTX, it really depends on the year. The GTI models up until 2005 were two-stroke (and waaaaaay underpowered at that!) , so I strongly suggest you stay away from them. Starting in 2006, the GTI became 4 stroke with a lot more power (130 HP vs the 85 HP two stroke), and became a lot more reliable, with better fuel economy too. So the 2006+ GTI's are pretty good reliable skis.

    The same sort of thing applies to the GTX models. They had 2-stroke versions up until 2003, but in 2002 they started making it in a 4-stroke version, both non-supercharged at 155 HP, and SC at 185 HP. In 2004 they added an intercooler to the SC version, upping the HP to 215. Stay away from all two strokes, and stay away from the first year 2002 4-strokes.

    Here's my take on it. You didn't say where you are located, so the $4K price may not apply here, but you should be able to find a 2003-2005 GTX 4-TEC within your price, or a 2006-2007 GTI in that price range. You should be aware that the 2004-2007 supercharged models had an issue with the SC ceramic clutch washers failing, so you need to exercise caution when buying, and if you buy one in this vintage make sure the washers are checked and replaced if still ceramic.

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    Go with a n/a ski 1st.
    A lot more riding time then maintenance.
    Gti 155 hp 06 and newer.
    They are almost bullet proof.

    They are NOT idiot proof.

    Top speed of @ 60 and lightening fast 0-60.

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    I get 06 and 07 Gti 155hp with @ 60+hrs for no more than 4k.
    Almost all are fresh water units.
    Orlando Fl.

    I've seen them with 1300+ hrs and still Rippin...

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    Here in canada we have inflated prices, but, for 4 K, thats a 2005 rxt, or a 2006 ish rxp..

    ive seen afew for 4 750$, no trailer or anything. However the RXP's had about 170 hours on them.

    Personally, I'd go with what everyone is saying. 06+ GTI.
    or something of the like.

    I have personally went to from a 90's GS to an RXP, huge power difference.
    Just take it slow at first. Learn about the machine, then after many hours start going insane on it.

    my rxp has 240hours on it. had "some" problems here and there, (starter solenoid ) give up on me, but engine is still performing at its top shape.

    Body wise, and wear wise (things like impeller), will be the "same" maintenance on all of the machines.

    Try to find something thats in great shape, for a low price.
    Beware of things that are in too good shape as they might have been fixed up here and there, so get someone to inspect them for you.

    Personally, i bring the ski to a dealer, let them hook up BUDS and see how its been ridden.
    Ive seen machines with 240hours , 170 being in the 7500-8000 rpm zone
    and others with 90hours and most hours (87ish) in the idle to slow zone (under 3500).

    Either way, you cant go wrong with either choice, but i personally found more users satisfied the the gti platform over the more performance ones.
    why? i have yet to see a person going 70mph all the time.
    and at 55, the gti keeps up.
    most cruising i see people do, and myself. is in the 35mph zone. which both will do just fine.

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    I'm located in Charleston sc. I will widen my Craigslist search some as I'm not finding many for sale. Still waiting to hear about a 04gtx 4tec.

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    Try to go with 06 and newer.
    No valve issues.
    No timing chain issues.
    No fly wheel bolt issues.
    Different years before 06 had these issues.
    And these issues are not cheap to fix once they break.

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    This one seems like a good deal. I may go look at it.

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    If that is not a scam-- that listing will not last 4 hours. I would suggest contacting the seller and get a deposit put down before you jump in the car.

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