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    2003 gp1300r basic mods

    I have decided to post a project thread, mainly to ask some questions. First I will go over what I plan on doing to the ski before riding weather arrives.

    I will be
    Installing Riva racing filter, d-plate, Riva intake grate, rideplate, PPK, Waveeater clips and couplers, going the air mods, going premix, upgrading the impeller or upgrading the pump and gp1200r water box.
    Replacing all the mats, changing the seat cover, painting the side covers white and visor flat black.
    I am also reinforcing the pump tunnel and upgrading the brackets to 05 or newer.

    My first question is about the d-plate, do the Riva and the factory Yamaha d-plate have the same size opening? Also are they of the same quality?

    My next question is about the upgraded brackets, I think I already have the upgraded brackets installed for the intake grate.

    Do I need to upgrade the front intake grate inserts?

    Should I upgrade the rideplate inserts to the 05 brackets?

    I dont think there was ever a problem with the trim tab brackets, so these should be good

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    D plates are the same
    I wouldnt waist my time changing the waterbox
    Brackets are the newer style, just may have a problem getting them out without breaking them with all that glue
    Yes, upgrade the rideplate brackets too IMO
    Trim tab brackets are fine, but may want to consider reseal them to the hull while there
    Yes, good idea to upgrade the driveshaft hose

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