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    Can someone do a history check and warranty check?

    Can someone do a history check and warranty on a machine?

    The machine is located in a small town with no near seadoo dealers and all the dealers i have called are closed today.


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    I did but didn't see anything out of the normal. Is there something you were looking for?

    My laptop is dead, so I am doing this from my iPad, so it isn't easy to use on brp sites.

    Let me know what your looking for

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    Is it out of warranty? Just seeing if there has been any warranty work, also if its based out of Calgary or somehwere in BC? The owner is not the most forth coming.

    I PM'D ya

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    You said "The owner is not the most forth coming."

    I have a very simple and unyielding way of dealing with people who try to conduct business like that...I walk. And I NEVER go back. Life is too short.

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    How does it look as far as scuffs, scratches or the ski bottom from rocks, beaching etc? Were you able to pull a plug and see the condition? How does the oil look? How did he keep the ski as far as storage? Was it clean inside and out? How did the rest of his house or wherever look? Maintenance is a habit. Him not being forthcoming says he has something to hide. Probably priced well enought to keep you interested or maybe a lack of options where you are, but dont settle. Always another ski out there.

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    Warranty ended June of last year.
    It had campaigns completed on it(pump screws,cluster, updates, supercharder hose)
    It had a LCD guage replaced, something with the wiring harness and new dess key programming.
    Comes from Alberta.

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    wow boataddict thats must be apart of brp.if not that is even cooler.i live 5 hours from the nearest seadoo dealer and getting that kind of info on a used ski is very helpfull.thanx richard.

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