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    8 or 9 tooth starter for 787

    So I need a replacement starter. It had been replaced sometime in the not too long ago from the PO with an aftermarket SBT high torque. Not sure if the "high torque" really means anything though. I just aquired this 96xp. PO said he was rebuilt with hotrod crank and new weisco piston set. After I got it I checked compression and was shocked to have my gauge register 175lbs. Way too high. Never had issue with my gauge before though. I suppose it could have had head shaved though. Anyway, I've had it running, but now the starter will not turn it over. It turns over fine by hand. but not even with plugs out on the starter. Cables/grounds good. blaa blaa blaa...

    Now to my questions. There is available 8 or 9 tooth starters. I assume 9 tooth would spin faster, but could have less torque in the windings between the 2. Which one would be better and why?

    I think the stock starter is a 9 tooth. If I wish to go with a 8 tooth, would It work, or would I have to change the FlyWheel.
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    You do not need to change the flywheel. Every ski that has come in with starting problems had the 8 tooth. I always put 9 tooth ones in.

    Careful of those wisecos. If the PO Only had them bored to the clearance specs from wiseco (.005") you are gonna have problems with cold seizing.

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