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    Range of a A quaTrax F-12X

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knew the aprox range of an 07 AquaTrax F-12X I have an opportunity to pick up one with 10hrs on it. I was planning on using it for off shore fishing. My concern is the effect of the turbo on fule consuption when fishing off shore 15+miles. Any help would be great, also if anyone thinks this a good platform for off shore fishing....


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    Turbo hondas and salt water don't mix well.
    The turbo needs a lot of maintaining when used in salt water.
    The Honda turbo is big $$$$ to repair or replace.
    Imo get a non turbo or naturally aspirated ski for fishing.
    A lot less to take care of and more riding with less to break.
    Especially if your 15 miles off shore.
    Make sure you carry a location beaker for any problems that might happen.

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    I and many fellow Honda riders regularly ride, fish, and dive off our skis most having over 2-300 hrs on em.
    We have done many! 80- 100 mile rides at speeds of 50-60 mph. NO problem, low fuel might be going off sometimes
    but nobody's ever run out of gas. My fuel consumption actually went down as I added my mods.
    Have had my F12X, which is stock, rigged for diving and fishing for 5yrs or more, and slayed many fish an lobster from it.
    Been offshore 8-10 miles, and get the looks from the fisherman out there, but always get home with something to eat.
    I have a second battery, and an isolator to run the gps, and fish finder. I have on board also a UNIDEN VHF with gps as back up.
    And I always make someone aware of my trip, and approximate time frames.
    And yes, saltwater use requires diligent maintenance, but its worth it, So go for it!

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    I can attest to that, just didn't get a chance at the lobster. Got a perfect 27" red last time but also lost a rod/reel on other trips so make sure you secure them very well. I was quite upset but it wasn't anything Tequila couldn't fix.

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    Thanks for the input......I find it kinda hard to think Honda would design a ski for freshwater use only, but I will pay close attention to flushing it with freshwater upon getting home, from running it in the salt.

    I get wait for our winter to be over our Ocean temps are around 38-39 degrees as of right now.....we need a good warm spell to get these fish migrating back up North.

    So I can figure around an 80-90 mile range for a ball park to use as a guide. That makes me feel a little more comfortable to run off shore with it.

    Thanks for the help....

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    At a 50 MPH cruise, mine get 7 MPG with a 16 gallon tank. They go further on 16 gallons than any other 'ski.

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    Again thanks for the help guys.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lineside View Post
    Again thanks for the help guys.......
    Mine got the 7mpg at 50 also. My f-15x gets 6.5mpg. Wide open the f-12x got 5 mpg and the f-15x gets 4.5mpg

    Good for salt water. Spray salt remover on the engine and don't rinse it off.

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    Wasn't going to reply but I don't see any replies to your question of "range"...I have 2 non-turbo F12's that will hit the low fuel buzzer at 120 miles during a day of cruising speeds and based on amount left in tank after refueling 150 miles is going to be the approximate row home point.

    Turbos burn what, 35% more gas at all speeds? So maybe 80 miles till the buzzer and rowing at 110 or so?

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